Experimental Mesothelioma Treatment Produces “Strong Antitumor Activity” – Surviving Mesothelioma

Italian scientists have launched some probably thrilling information detailing their experiments with a brand new type of treatment for malignant mesothelioma. The mixture treatment makes use of parts of conventional Chinese drugs in addition to a pure compound remoted from a marine sponge.

Led by chemists from the University of Milan, the experiments concerned giving the mixture to mice carrying human mesothelioma tumors.

While normal chemotherapy has solely a average impression on most mesothelioma tumors and may set off a variety of probably critical unwanted side effects, the Italian group reviews “strong antitumor activity” and “very high tolerability” with the experimental treatment.

Fighting Mesothelioma with Natural Compounds

Two main compounds have been used to create the brand new mesothelioma treatment mixture. The first is a by-product of camptothecin. Camptothecin comes from the bark and stem of the Camptotheca or Chinese “Happy Tree”. Because the pure model has low solubility, chemists have developed simpler artificial variations. Two CPT analogues have already been permitted to be used in cancer chemotherapy.

The second compound used on this experimental mesothelioma therapy is Psammaplin A, a pure product remoted from a kind of sea sponge (Psammaplysilla purpurea). The compound has been proven to have antibiotic and antifungal properties, and to inhibit an enzyme that helps tumors type new blood cells and unfold to different elements of the physique.

By placing these two highly effective compounds collectively, the Italian workforce created a “dual action” drug for mesothelioma that assaults the asbestos cancer from two totally different angles. According to a brand new report within the European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, the mixture confirmed “a broad spectrum of antiproliferative activity”.

“Preliminary in vivo results indicated a strong antitumor activity on human mesothelioma primary cell line MM473…and very high tolerability,” writes lead writer Rafaella Cincinelli, PhD, with the Department of Food, Environmental and Nutritional Sciences on the University of Milan.

Overcoming Pleural Mesothelioma Treatment Resistance

Although the brand new treatment mixture should bear additional testing, together with human trials, earlier than it might develop into a treatment choice for patients with mesothelioma, it’s consultant of the sort of analysis happening across the globe targeted on curing this lethal cancer.

Even although docs have recognized for many years that asbestos is often the reason for malignant mesothelioma, they’ve been unable to considerably prolong mesothelioma survival with any present cancer remedies.

A rising variety of mesothelioma researchers are turning their focus towards options reminiscent of conventional drugs, complementary therapies, and immunotherapy to enhance affected person outcomes.


Cincinelli, R, et al, “Camptothecin-psammaplin A hybrids as topoisomerase I and HDAC dual-action inhibitors”, January 1, 2018, European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry

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